BrailleRap-SP Project History

The beginning

Formarly in 2016 MyHumanKit organize an Hackaton called Fabrikarium with Airbus industries. During the Fabrikarium some test where made to hack a 3d printer to embosse braille on 160g paper sheet, the project was called BrailleRap.

We thougt on the BrailleRap-SP team that it was a proof a concept and that we need some custom hardware to emboss braille easyly than with hacked 3D printer


In 2017 Carlos Campos start the project OpenBraille and build a braille embosser base on recycled printers parts, the project demonstrate that we can move the paper sheet in the machine.


In January 2018 we start with some linear rail, printed parts and nema, tying to build a Braille embosser. Further step later we started to show some samples of embossed paper and everyone was enthousiast, BrailleRAP-SP was born.